Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lando, Don't Come Home

Landon Donovan needs to finally end his relationship with Major League Soccer and join up, full time with Everton. For too long has he played in the minor league MLS. It is long past time to step up to the plate and go professional in the English Premier League.

Some would say his time has passed. He’s washed up. He’ll be 30 in March. Those naysayers need only watch him play for Everton on his current loan spell and tell me differently. The guy is killing it right now. He has started and played 90 minutes in all seven games, including two FA Cup matches, since joining up with the Liverpool based club at the beginning of the month. In those games, he’s recorded five assists, including two perfectly placed crosses in a 2-1 FA cup win over US National team teammate Clint Dempsey’s Fulham squad. Yes, Donovan has not yet found his scoring touch around the area, but he is just as dangerous coming down the left or right flank and sending balls in.

Side note, Dempsey is having an unbelievable year (and career for that matter) for the Cottagers. Ten goals and four assists for the American international through 23 Premier League games this year. Coming off a career day against New Castle on Tyneside where he recorded a hat trick, Dempsey scored his tenth yesterday in a 1-1 home draw to West Brom. If he could only replicate that for his national team…..

Now Donovan’s move to Everton could be difficult, as all contracts in MLS are owned by the league.  MLS will not let arguably its most influential, homegrown talent go across the Atlantic for nothing. Donovan has forever been the face of MLS. They would presumably like to keep it that way. Another roadblock would be Everton may still feel the asking price to be too high. In 2010, during Donovan’s first loan spell at Goodison Park, Everton management were keen on keeping him, but were later priced out by MLS, reluctant to give up its star.

Now, since the January transfer window has ended, and no permanent deal has been struck, we will have to wait until the end of the Premier League season in May to find out where Donovan will be headed, if anywhere. His current loan spell ends on Feb. 25, at which point he will return to Los Angeles and begin training with his Galaxy teammates in preparation for the 2012 MLS season, which begins on March 10. What a shame it would be if our best soccer talent was forced to play out his career in the doldrums of the MLS. For Donovan to make another World Cup run, with 2014 Brazil right around the corner, it would behoove of him to train and play with the best. Merseyside seems like a sure bet.

It doesn't get much better than this.  Donovan slides a ball through to a running 
Victor Anichebe for the goal in a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa.


  1. I need a post about Radamel Falcao or James Rodriguez (the next Ronaldo) or Freddy Guarin from Inter.


  2. Fussy britches definitely needs to stay in England, otherwise he'll never know what its like to reach Zihuatanejo.

    Andy Dufrane