Saturday, January 14, 2012

49ers Take Early Lead

In a game where the #2 seed 49ers faced an underdog role at home versus the high-flying Saints defense, Jim Harbaugh's team has come out of the gates STRONG.  Led by one of the NFL's best defenses, an absurd turnover ratio, Harbaugh's bunch is setting the tone with smash mouth defense.

Drive one looked like it was a whole lot of Saints, but Donte Whitner made three hard-nosed plays - knocking Graham out of the drive, finishing off a Spoles run, and a huge 3rd down hit that forced a fumble to end the Saints drive.  Their defense completely shifted momentum, and two series later, Smith to Vernon Davis on a 49-yard touchdown puts the 49ers on top early.

The Saints experience and offense should have them rebound, but Candlestick is rocking early.

UPDATE: The 49ers Defense with another huge play as Dashon Goldson picks off a Brees pass and returns it to the Saints' 4 yard line. Crabtree in the endzone to go up 14-0.

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  1. The forced fumble on the first drive was a helmet-to-helmet penalty. Absolute joke non-call. These refs have looked lost on the field. Without that, the game is basically tied.