Friday, January 13, 2012

NFC Playoffs: Is it the 49ers' Year?

Tough reason to pick a team, but when looking at the past ten years, ten different teams have represented the NFC in the Super Bowl.  They are the 2001 Rams, 2002 Buccaneers, 2003 Panthers, 2004 Eagles, 2005 Seahawks, 2006 Bears, 2007 Giants, 2008 Cardinals, 2009 Saints, and the 2010 Packers.  Since the Packers, Saints, and Giants have made the list, could it be the 49ers' year under rookie coach Jim Harbaugh?  Only time will tell.  The Packers look near unstoppable, as do the Saints, and the Giants are heating up at just the right time, but nobody seems to be talking about the 49ers.  Stranger things have happened, and we just might see the 2011 49ers become the 11th different team in as many years.

I think this streak is too good to end anytime soon, so we might see the clean sweep, 16-16.  So, blindly, I will pick the NFC representative for the next six Super Bowls.

2011 San Francisco 49ers
2012 Atlanta Falcons
2013 Detroit Lions
2014 Dallas Cowboys
2015 Washington Redskins
2016 Minnesota Vikings

There you go.  Place your bets today on the Vikes in 2016, and you'll be raking it in five years from now.

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  1. You just had to throw in the Skins! I like that 2012 prediction though! Matty Ice!