Friday, March 2, 2012

NCAA Basketball: Bubble Team Breakdown- ACC

by John Huffstetler

Updated through Friday March 2nd


Locks- UNC, Duke, Florida St., Virginia

Miami Fl.- Record- 17-11 (8-7 in ACC)
Games Remaining- vs. BC
Ken Pom Rating- 41
Ken Pom SOS- 27
Quality Wins (vs. Ken Pom Top 75)- Duke (away), UMass, Clem, VaTech, Florida St.
Bad Losses- Maryland (away), Ole Miss (away)
Record vs. Other Bubble Teams- 0-5- Losses to Pur, WVA, Mem, and NC St. x 2

In or Out right now- OUT- The lack of quality wins coupled with the poor record against other bubble teams have the Canes currently out of the field. The win over Florida St. was huge for their cause and kept them alive for the tourney, but the loss at NC St. puts them behind the Wolfpack for at-large consideration in a conference lacking respect this season.

NC St.- Record- 19-11 (8-7 in ACC)
Games Remaining- at VaTech
Ken Pom Rating- 58
Ken Pom SOS- 59
Quality Wins (vs. Ken Pom Top 75)- Tex (Neutral), Mia Fl. x 2
Bad Losses- GaTech (Home)
Record vs. Other Bubble Teams- 3-0- Wins over Tex and Mia Fl. x 2

In or Out right now- In- NC St. does not have a "signature win" this year, despite their numerous opportunities (2nd half leads against Syr, Duke, Ind, Vandy, and UVA). They have avoided bad losses most of the season, and they took care of both bubble opponents. The sweep of the Canes proves huge for them at this point in their quest to join the field.

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