Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Live Blog- Day 1

7:12 PM- Welcome everyone to our live coverage of the first day of the NFL draft. Stay tuned here for live reactions and updates.

7:14 PM- (John Huffstetler)- We already have the first terrible trade in the books. The Cleveland Browns will move up one spot to select RB Trent Richardson. The only thing worse than taking a RB in the first round is trading up to get him. RB is the most overvalued position in the NFL, and no RB should be selected in the top 10. Richardson will now go #3 above players like Kalil, Claiborne, Blackmon, etc. with much greater value.

7:37 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)-Couldn't agree more Jhoof the Browns trade to move up to take Richardson is awful. There is nothing special about Richardson, I probably wouldn't touch him in the first two rounds. He isn't a game changing talent that is necessary to justify drafting a RB in the top 20 these days. This seems like a pathetic attempt to get people to come out to Browns games-The franchise has zero strategic direction.

7:48 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Only thing that could have saved the Browns from another pathetic season is to continue to solidify the O-line (Actually nothing could have). OL, DL, LB, Qb are the most important positions and the hardest positions to fill. A weak secondary can be disguised with great play by the DL and LB. Weak WR can be overcome with a good QB, weak RB can be overcome with RB by committee and a good OL. You can't disguise a weak OL, DL, QB, and to some extent LB play. The first round should be all about stock piling OL, DL, and LB. Kalil (Although he needs to improve his run blocking) or a trade down from their original slot should have been the move.

8:33 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Bucs must have been desperate to trade down and acquire some picks-They definitely didn't get enough value to move down from 5 to 7.

8:38 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Hopefully Gabbert picks it up, so we can enjoy watching Blackmon.

8:38 PM- (CMH)- Dallas has to pick Claiborne here, right?

8:40 PM- (CMH)- Look for Stephon Gilmore to be picked soon.  Big drop off after him, in my opinion, at the CB position, and a lot of teams could use some cornerback help

8:45 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Jacksonville trading up for Blackmon makes no sense for their franchise. He will be a great receiver, but they have no way to utilize him until they improve their O-Line and QB positions.

8:51 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Tannehill is destined for failure, but he won't care--did you see how hot his girlfriend is?

8:56 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Carolina selects ILB Luke Kuechly from BC- Great selection here as the Panthers address a huge need in their soft as butter defense. Their LB corps is in need of massive help and Kuechly will start from day one.

9:02 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Fantastic pick by Panthers.  Keuchly is the best player in the draft for his position.  Not necesssarily the most valuable, but positionally the best.

9:04 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Pic of Tannehill's Girlfriend

9:06 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Poe's a workout warrior, but nothing more.  He lacks football instincts, that's why he wasn't dominant at Memphis.  He won't be much at the next level, and there's no way he should've been picked ahead of Cox, who will go 12th to the Eagles.

9:18 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Fitzgerald was lobbying for Michael Floyd.  Michael Floyd would love playing with Larry.  Only problem--they don't have a serviceable quarterback.  I think Reiff makes more sense here, but I see them taking Floyd, instead. 

9:20 PM- (John Huffstetler)- What is with these teams without QB's drafting WR's? If no one can get a ball to the receiver, he is useless. How stupid can the Cards and Jaguars be? Build somewhere else and get a WR later!

9:24 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Floyd's very talented, and he's been put in a situation to succeed across from Fitzgerald, but I agree with JHoof.  You need a quarterback to get them the ball, and Skelton/Kolb is not the answer.

9:30 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- And so ends the slew of DT, and one could argue that they were picked in reverse order.  I would rank them like this, though--Cox, Brockers, Poe.

9:31 PM- (John Huffstetler)- I like the Rams taking Brockers, but they really need to address the offensive line desperately in the next few picks. They have no protection at all for Sam Bradford

9:37 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- I hate the new draft setup. They need to go back to the Saturday, Sunday setup.

9:39 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Typical Kyle comment.  Nothing's good enough!

9:40 PM- (John Huffstetler)- I think Bruce Irvin robber me once. Now he'll rob Seahawks fans of a draft pick.

9:43 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Coples worth rolling the dice at 16...either going to be a beast or a Vernon Gholston repeat

9:46 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Good for Coples, Finally bringing in a paycheck so he can buy his mother a razor for that armpit hair.

9:49 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Dre Kirkpatrick makes perfect sense for the Bengals. They needed a CB and he should be a terrific addition

9:56 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Melvin Ingram to the Chargers is the biggest steal so far in the draft. He is an absurd athlete (high school RB), and he can play multiple positions and special teams. SC had the #3 ranked defense last year and he is a major reason why.

9:59 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Chargers with THE pick of the first round so far.  Melvin Ingram is a stud.

10:04 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- NE moving up to 21, and the smart move would be to take Whitney Mercilus there.  Schefter saying Chandler Jones, but I like Mercilus better.

10:05 PM- (John Huffstetler)- How do the Bears draft McClellin with stud LB LaVonte David from Nebraska still on the board? He will be another huge steal when taken, and it looks like a great team will get him. He pops on film and dominated at times for a Huskers defense who lost the likes of Suh and Amukamara over the last few years.

10:10 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Tenn could have gone Defensive End, but the Kendall Wright pick makes sense to complete and offense with a terrific line, an established rb, and a young QB in Locker that is obviously a future star.

10:14 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Wow, Browns having the WORST DRAFT EVER!! Weeden? Enjoy 5 more years of mediocrity Browns fans. I feel bad for you guys.

10:17 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- I like Weeden, but he has to be great right away for this pick to work out.  He won't have Justin Blackmon to throw to in Cleveland, and there will be no learning curve.  Looks like another QB destined to fail, but I think he's more talented than Tannehill (rightfully so for a 47 year old).

10:21 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Another terrific pick by the Steelers. Easy to be successful when every one of your decisions makes perfect sense. DeCastro is a great pick and could start day one

10:23 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Lions with a great pick.  Reiff is a big-time Big 10 offensive lineman.  Feed him and watch him work hard, and that pick will pay off.  As Mike Huff said, anytime you pick a Big 10 o-lineman, it's a safe bet.

10:24 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Nice move by the Pats moving up to take Donta Hightower. On a team of stud NFL-caliber players, he popped the most during games. He was also their defensive leader emotionally.

10:26 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- This isn't your usual Patriots draft, and I love what they are doing.  They could be having the best draft of anyone, picking up two guys who can start right away on their front seven. 

10:29 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Mercilus makes perfect sense for the Texans and he will be a perfect player to replace Mario Williams. Notice how these teams picking late in the draft (playoff teams) continue to draft defensive front seven and offensive line players.

10:34 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Still some good offensive linemen left for these late first round picks.  Look for the Ravens to grab one of them very soon.

10:42 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Vikings should take another offensive lineman here.  That'd be the only sensible reason for trading up.

10:43 PM- (John Huffstetler)- I think they need some LB help as well. I cold see the Vikings taking my boy LaVonte David here.

10:47 PM- (Chris Huffstetler)- Not sure why the Vikes traded up to make that pick, but the pick makes sense.  Their Cover 2 defense last year was hard to watch--multiple quarterbacks, including Tebow, had career days against them.  This will help out a defense that was very vulnerable against the deep ball.

10:48 PM- (Kyle Huffstetler)- Of course GB drafts perry. I love him. Absolute freak potential. Could also be a bust but he is a physical freak. He is up to 270. He's gonna be a machine.

10:52 PM- (John Huffstetler)- AJ Jenkins to SF makes sense, but why not take a shot on a big, physical freak like Alshon Jeffrey here if you're looking WR. Jenkins is a solid receiver, but Jeffrey's ceiling is infinitely higher. Plus, Moss will be in camp to school him on being a big physical NFL receiver.

10:57 PM- (John Huffstetler)- Doug Martin could be an ok RB, but why move up to take him when several equal RB's are still left and will be taken later? Stop reaching for RB's bad teams!!

11:05 PM- (John Huffstetler)- David Wilson blows Doug Martin away and can contribute on Special Teams. Giants need a RB with Bradshaw's injury concerns and Jacobs' departure. Makes perfect sense for them.

11:08 PM- That will do it for our live blog of the NFL Draft for Day One. Stay tuned for continuing coverage throughout the weekend.

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  1. I want a final projection for BC's Luke Kuechly... you should know who this is.

    1. I think it will be tough for Carolina not to take a LB, so maybe as high as 9 if he's top on their board. If not, Seattle should grab him at 12.

    2. Agree with that... McShay thought he might go Top 5. Incredible that might be the case.

    3. That would be unbelievable if a ILB jumped that high. I would take him in Carolina. The middle of their defense was as soft as butter last year.

    4. I think the bucs are taking him....Thought that is why they made the curious 5 to 7 trade down

    5. I guess they were just targeting another guy that they thought no one was taking at 5 and 6

  2. I think you guys are off on Richardson. He's the best back to come out since Peterson, and he automatically changes everything for the Browns.

    1. It doesn't matter if he's the best back ever to play, it would still be a terrible pick. There is no value in Running Backs this high. If he's Adrian Peterson, it's a bad trade because they are passing on an elite offensive tackle, a much more important position. In addition, he has noi versatility and does nothing in the passing game. You can get LaMichael James or Isaiah Pead much later who can help in more dynamic ways.

    2. I think it would matter a lot if he was the best running back to every play. And I don't know about Kalil being elite. If he was elite, the VIkings probably would've taken him at 3.

    3. That reasoning makes no sense. If they can get him anyways at 4, why would they have to take him at 3. They know who the Browns are gonna take when trading with them. That also assumes that the Vikings would know for a fact that someone will be elite, which, again, makes no sense. Every team passes on dozens of elite players every year that they evaluate incorrectly. Throw Kalil out then. I can name 15 guys who have more value to an NFL roster than Richardson. Drafting a RB this high is a move from 15 years ago. It is contrary to everything about the modern game.

    4. Just because it's become a passing league doesn't mean you can't still win running the ball. Just look at the Broncos last year and the Jets two and three years ago. In fact, I think you could argue that teams that play ball control offense and hard nosed defense are the toughest teams to nowadays because most teams spend so much time working on defending the pass.

      Richardson will be one of the three best backs in the league for the next 8-10 years, and is more than worth the third pick in my opinion. Adrian Peterson is the most gifted running back I've ever seen, but I'd actually take Richardson over. He has unbelievable patience and vision and with his build should never have injury concerns.

    5. Because they are so afraid that someone might trade up and get them. They needed Trent more than any other team needed a player besides the top 2 teams.

    6. You just named the Broncos from this year who pulled McGahee of the scrap-heap and used him as their primary ball carrier to justify taking a RB #3. Where is your logic. You're all over the place. How about last year's Packers or this year's Giants who each won the Super Bowl without a RB taken in the first 4 rounds. They built their teams through the offensive and defensive lines, and linebackers. Nobody shitty team ever becomes good because they get a great RB.

    7. I agree that in general you don't want to take a back in the first round. But RIchardson is an exception to the rule because he'll make such a dramatic impact on his team in the way that Adrian Peterson has for the VIkings. I don't know how you guys disagree with this. If they didn't have Joe Thomas, I could see Matt Kalil. If they didn't have another first rounder, I could see Justin Blackmon. Richardson was the best player available at a huge position of need and right away becomes the focal point of their entire offense and allows them to control the ball and stay in games which is critical in a division with the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals.

    8. yeah, Ryan, you're right. The best running back in the league managed to go 4-12 last year. The Browns will finish last in their division again this year. They don't have a quarterback, and they will waste the first 3-4 years of Richardson's 8 year career trying to become a contender. Bad pick, even though Richardson is a great running back. You can't really argue with that point of view.

    9. I can't reply to the above posts...Richardson is a product of Alabama being absurd and having a dominant offensive line. I actually am not as high on Kalil (Because of his run blocking) but in the passing game he is fantastic which is significantly more important in today's game and from the Tackle position. Kalil is a much better pick...Richardson does nothing to improve a Browns team that is full of holes.

    10. Well first of all he only played 12 games last year.

      Also, the Browns aren't that bad in the trenches. They need playmakers more than anything else. I'd love to see them get a dynamic receiver with their next pick and then trade bad into the late first and take Weeden.

    11. Vandelay....They are awful. What good will a WR or RB do when your quarterback sucks and your OL has holes? The answer is, it does nothing for you. The could have picked up an equally productive RB in the 4th round of the draft, there won't be OL, DL, LB players of the caliber that were available still available anywhere near the 4th round. This pick set them back almost as much as the mangina signing did.

    12. Their offensive line is not nearly as bad as their group of playmakers. They could improve the right side of their line, but no one takes right guards or right tackles in the top five.

      Their defense is actually underrated. They had to stay on the field all game long because of their offense, and their offense was so bad because of the lack of playmakers, not their offensive line.

      Head coach Pat Shurmer even said in his pre-draft press conference that "it's no secret that we need playmakers." They got Richardson, they'll get another playmaker with their next pick, and they'll immediately become a much more competitive team.

    13. And also, saying you could find an equally productive running back in the 4th round makes me think you've never watched him run.

    14. Saying you couldn't makes me think you've never seen Isaiah Pead, LaMichael James, or Ronnie Hillman play.

    15. Richardson is to those guys as Tom Brady is to Matt Hasselbeck.

  3. Kuechly will be Defensive Rookie of the Year barring injury. He plays 12 games he's getting hardware.

    1. I agree. He's an autostart from day one. Perfect fit for the swiss cheese Panthers run defense.

  4. Browns having a great draft. Now they just need a playmaker at receiver and they can win eight games next year.

    1. Are you noticing how every good team (playoff team) is drafting either defensive front seven or offensive line. You don't build a team by drafting flashy skill position players when you have other needs.

    2. Playoff teams also already have a quarterback and playmakers, the Browns don't. They have the worst collection of playmakers in the NFL. Their offensive line and front seven on defense are solid. They have two perennial pro bowlers on their line in Joe Thomas and Alex Mack, and while they could use some help on the right side, Richardson was too good to pass on and quarterback is the most important position in the game. They can use their second round pick (37 overall) to grab a right tackle. Jonathan Martin, a very solid pass blocker, has slid, and so have Bobby Massie and Cordy Glenn, who would be an especially good fit considering how dominant he is as a run blocker. I agree that RT is a more important position than running back in general, but like I've tried to explain, Richardson is an exception to the rule. The fact that the Browns, run by Mike Holmgren who is one of the firmest believers in the pass first west-coast offense, of all teams have done this with Richardson should convince you of this.

      Defensively, they have Phil Taylor, their first round pick from last year, and Ahtyba Rubin, a very solid starter, in the middle. They also have Jabaal Sheard, an underrated pass rusher, on the edge. Could they use another pass rusher? Absolutely. But again, Richardson was so much better than the best pass rusher on the board that they had no choice but to take him considering their lack of playmakers and identity on offense. And with their second first rounder, quarterback is obviously the most important position and so they had to grab Weeden if they believed, like me, that he can have a very good 8 year career. They could also use help at outside linebacker and nickel corner, but those positions can be addressed later. I'd actually say their defense is pretty underrated, and that they could be very competitive with a competent offense. Weeden and Richardson make them competent.

  5. All they need is offensive line help, defensive tackle, one or two linebackers, and they addressed none of those things. Draft Grade: F