Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Live Blog - Day 2

7:27 PM - CMH - Colts go Stanford/Stanford with Coby Fleener in the second round.  You have to wonder if Andrew Luck had any say in that pick.  It'll be nice for Luck to have Fleener as his safety valve, but as a prospect, the guy is somewhat overrated.  Big and athletic, though, so he could see success.

7:28 - CMH - Good to see TD, Terrell Davis up there announcing the Broncos selection.  An NFL stud and legend.  6th round pick?  How could that many teams pass on the guy?

7:32 - CMH - Janoris Jenkins off the board, and it's the Rams who take the risk.  To be honest, I think Jenkins is going to get his act together in the NFL.  A kid or three can change a lot in your life, and maybe it will make him responsible and hold him accountable for his actions.  1st round talent, undraftable attitude.

7:42 - CMH - That film of Amini Silatolu was scary.  The guy was a man amongst boys.  It'll be very interesting to see how he makes the transition to the pros, coming from such a small school.  No denying the kid's an animal though.

7:44 - CMH - Glenn and Martin off the board back-to-back.  Both guys slid a bit down draft boards.  They both lack something that you want in an offensive lineman, something you can't really put your finger on.  Both are solid 2nd round picks, though.

7:59 - CMH - Great Bears pick.  Jeffrey is a stud, but they now have two problematic, but ultra-talented, receivers on their roster.  Great to see that for a team who hasn't had much at the wide receiver position in over a decade.  Boom or bust, but I'm leaning towards BOOM.

8:53 - CMH - Broncos grab Osweiler to sit behind Peyton for a couple years.  Yeah, he's tall, but he throws like an idiot.  I don't think the guy is good, and I don't think he has potential.  I'd rather have guys like Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson, and picking Osweiler in the 2nd is a big-time reach.

8:55 - CMH - Did teams just forget that Lavonte David was still on the board this round?  How he slipped that far I'll never know, but he's an absolute stud.  The Buccaneers have gotten two immediate starters on a defense that was awful last year, so good for them.  However, I disagree with Kiper and Gruden saying they are having the best draft of anyone so far.  I didn't like the Doug Martin pick, and trading up to get him made little sense, even though he's a solid running back.

9:00 - CMH - Philly really focusing on that front seven in this draft.  I love what they are doing so far.  Best defensive tackle in the draft, a very solid inside linebacker, and a solid DE.  Are the Eagles quietly putting together the best draft so far?  I'd say so, along with the Patriots.

9:09 - CMH - 49ers now have a STABLE of runningbacks.  LaMichael James is a playmaker, simple as that.  Give him 10-12 touches a game, and he will make some plays.  I like how the 49ers are putting more weapons around Alex Smith--he will have to do even less next year to get them to the Super Bowl, just don't make mistakes.

9:15 - CMH - Casey Hayward is the man.  I loved watching him play this Fall, and I probably watched more Vanderbilt football than most, if not all.  He was great for one of the best secondaries in the country (Yeah, I said it), and I think the Packers are making a great move taking him.  He's not much in man coverage, but he hasn't been asked to cover many one-on-one.  His zone coverage skills are off the charts--and that's why the Pack fell in love with him.


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  2. The Eagles were having a great draft until the Nick Foles pick. I get that Vick gets hurt, but they have Trent Edwards and Mike Kafka already on the roster. I also get that Reid loves developing quarterbacks, but he most likely won't be in Philadelphia for the career of the next starter. They still need depth at safety, nickel corner, tackle, and they could've used another running back or a big receiver. That pick makes no sense to me even though I like Foles as a prospect.

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