Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bubba Watson and the Pink Driver

Bubba and his pink driver are victorious at the Masters. I'm really happy for this guy, and you could tell it meant a lot for him to win this one. It's good to see one of the Golf Boys take home the green jacket, and Bubba definitely had the best chance of all of them. Now that the Masters is over, it's really all down hill in golf from here. Still, golf is the second best sport to watch on Sundays (no, not behind NASCAR).

Anyway, if you are in the same boat as I am, wondering where Bubba Watson got that pink driver, what kind of driver it was, etc--I've got the answer for you. The driver is a Ping G20 driver, 8.5 degree, obviously made for a lefty. Unfortunately, I have yet to find it on sale to the public, but I'm sure we will be seeing it in the near future after that incredible Masters victory. In the meantime, here's a pinterest page with driver pictures from all angles.

UPDATE:  You can buy the exact Ping driver that Bubba made famous on Sunday, starting June 1st in golf shops nationwide.  Click through to Ping's announcement here.

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