Monday, April 9, 2012

Lamar Odom Rumors: The Wrong One Came True

by Chris Huffstetler

Amidst a tumultuous relationship in Dallas, rumors were swirling about yet another rocky relationship between Lamar and his Shrek-like wife, Khloe Kardashian. A few days ago, Shrek herself came out of her house in the swamp to put an end to the rumors. Today, Lamar Odom was put on the inactive list for the rest of the season, thanks to a lack of effort and a bad attitude in Dallas. It's a long time coming from an Odom who we saw as the difference maker when the Lakers were able to knock off the Celtics in the NBA Finals a few years ago. Instead, he has turned into a whiny, selfish, basketball player who won't do whatever it takes to get his team the victory.

The thing is, I think Odom is in over his head. The guy can still play basketball at a high level, and he is certainly a very good 4th option on a basketball team. Having said that, this marriage is dragging him down. Everyday, the guy wakes up, and this is staring at him right in the grill. After awhile, that can take the life out of a guy. Seeing that he worked so hard in a basketball career, and the ugly Kardashian was his big prize. Anyway, I think this marks the end of a career, and a sour end at that.

I don't want to see the offspring of these two.

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  1. I think Chyna the wrestler is a more fitting comparison than shrek