Friday, January 6, 2012

Al Horford's Quote about the Atlanta Hawks loss to the Miami Heat last night

by John Huffstetler

This quote from Al Horford sums up the Hawks team in a nutshell: “This by far has to be my worst defeat here as a Hawk. I didn’t feel like we wanted to win this game.” The Miami Heat had no Lebron James, no Dwyane Wade, and they managed to beat a "good" Hawks team on the road, who, by the way, Atlanta beat Monday night with Lebron and Wade in the lineup on the road. No excuses for this team. They just didn't come to play, and as a Hawks fan, I echo Horford's statement. This is the most disgraceful loss I've ever witnessed from this franchise. If things don't change this season in Atlanta, it's time to make some major changes.

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