Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hilarious Email Argument- How good is Tony Romo?

Below is an email exchange between 11-on-11 contributors regarding the value (or lack thereof) of Tony Romo as a pro QB.

Kyle- Hopefully dallas thinks romo is the problem and they dont resign him so the skins can pick him up.

- However, what's the common denominator between the inability of the Cowboys to win the big game from 2006 onward under Parcells, Phillips and Garrett? Tony Romo. 4th quarter QB rating? Come on...big game wins are more important than that - and he doesn't have those.

Kyle- Hes still better than any other option... I would rather be losing in the playoffs or have big games than never actually having big games with grossman, beck, shane matthews, wuerfel, ramsey, etc.

- Not everything is a comparison to the redskins....He's allegedly elite so compare him to elite quarterbacks, Kyle. Not redskins trash because they haven't had an elite QB since Sammy Baugh. Think brees, brady, rivers, Rodgers, etc.

They pay the guy a lot of money to not win the big games. The skins, on the other hand, don't have much invested in the QB position. Those other guys are worth the $. At this point, romo isnt.

And, they aren't losing in the playoffs this year. And it's the second time in 4 years (08 44-6 vs eagles) that he had a win-and-in and got blown out last game of the year. So, they're not necessarily losing in the playoffs are they?

Kyle- My point is he isnt the problem which is what you are stating.....getting rid of him makes the team worse not better. They won't be able to get a qb that is close to him anytime soon unless someone stupidly gets rid of a qb like him. That being said he isnt elite in my opinion.....he is at best in the bottom half of the 2nd tier of qbs. To me elite is Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Brees, etc.

My point with the skins analogy is I would rather pay a lot to a qb to be competitive than to not be competitive year after year.....meaning he isnt the problem and they also shouldnt get rid of him. If the cowboys got rid of romo after this year (I believe he is a free agent) the skins would be one of the first teams trying to sign him.

- My point is you pay that much money to a QB who can win you a Super Bowl and tony romo will never win a super bowl. Ever. No chance. Absolutely will not ever happen. If I were a cowboys fan, I would despise him.

Kyle- Agree with him winning a super bowl a la brady and manning (They are the reason they win), however, the cowboys could definitely win a super bowl with romo at qb. They have enough talent that if they fix the oline and some issues on defense they definitely could win it all with him. For the cowboys to win they are going to have to be more like the pittsburgh steeelers title teams (Overrated as fuck rapelisberger had nothing to do with those titles-They won with a great defense and a ball control offense).

Michael- I hate you

Kyle- Hate you too.


  1. This Mikey guy sounds like an idiot

  2. The Kyle guys is actually a way bigger clown.