Wednesday, January 18, 2012

David Nalbandian or Freakshow from Harold and Kumar?

So, I am tuned into the Isner/Nalbandian match, and I can't help but wonder--am I the only one out there who thinks David Nalbandian looks like Freakshow from Harold and Kumar?  They definitely resemble each other, especially when Nalbandian gets all fired up after he wins a point.  And don't take this as an insult to Nalbandian either--Freakshow has an incredibly hot wife.  Below is the entire scene with Freakshow from Harold and Kumar.  It is definitely worth watching.

Also, I'm really hoping for another 70-68 final set from Isner, as we saw from him against Mahut during Wimbledon 2010.  We can only hope.

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