Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dre Kirkpatrick Cited for Marijuana Possession

Dre Kirkpatrick was cited for marijuana possession early Tuesday morning in Florida.  While this should just be a minor blip on the radar, NFL teams dont take kindly to this kind of news, and it should negatively effect his draft status at least a little bit.  While some draft pundits already had Alfonzo Dennard ahead of Kirkpatrick, I think this news puts Dennard ahead of Kirkpatrick on all boards, simply because of behavioral concerns.  Look for Kirkpatrick to still go in the first round, but he will be no higher than 3rd at cornerback on Big Boards until the NFL combine.

UPDATE:  Kirkpatrick was in the car with another former Alabama player, Christopher Rogers.  It is believed that Kirkpatrick is in Florida to train for the upcoming NFL combine at the IMG Performance Institute, but that is only speculation.  The fact that Rogers, not Kirkpatrick, admitted to purchasing the drugs may soften the blow to Kirkpatrick's draft stock.

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