Thursday, January 19, 2012

Russell Westbrook Contract Extension

Great news for the Thunder.  Russell is a key component to any hopes at a title run they may have.  It is important for him and Durant to coexist, and for each of them to find their role, but I don't see that being a problem.  In fact, since Westbrook's rough start, he has been playing better than Durant this season.  Reportedly, the extension is 5 years, worth $80 million.  Not a bad day for the 23 year-old out of UCLA.

I'd also like to point out in this blog that we here at 11-on-11, along with most of the rest of the country, are not fans of Skip Bayless.  The guy is an idiot, and he makes tons of outlandish claims, and when he finally gets one right he never shuts up about it (Tim Tebow immediately comes to mind, although not that outlandish of a prediction).  Well, he's at it again, saying the Westbrook signing is "bad news" for the Thunder.  Yes, signing a top 5 point guard in the league for five more years is "bad news."  Can't believe this guy has his own show, and we don't.  Of course these guys are going to feud--they are both supremely talented NBA players with a penchant for winning.  Not to say they are on this level yet, but we saw plenty of instances with Jordan yelling at Pippen and vice versa.

The guys just want to win, and I see it as more of a promising sign that they are comfortable challenging each other in front of the entire country when one isn't stepping up.

People always point to the playoffs as the core of the problem, where Westbrook was taking more shots than Durant during the Memphis series.  But as my buddy Art Vandelay pointed out, Westbrook is salivating when he's staring down Mike Conley, and no one is behind him to help on defense.  Yes, both Westbrook and Durant need to mature.  But remember, these guys are both 23 years old.  Plenty of time left in their careers, and if Oklahoma City can keep this duo together, with Harden coming off the bench as the likely Sixth Man of the Year, the future is bright.

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  1. He is the key to the team. Can't believe all the idiots talking so negatively about him in the playoffs. Without his speed and ability to create off the dribble that team might even drop out of the playoffs. They currently have an explosive offense and I think it is the result of westbrook not Durant